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Please wait for all the slides (images) to load before you start the narration.

One of the the special Mitzvos of Purim is to hear every word of Megillat Ester read aloud from a kosher Megilla made of parchment. Please follow along in the text of the Megilla. The purpose of the slide presentation is to help children sit quietly so everyone can hear and enjoy "the whole Megilla."
The Rabbi will signal when it is time to drown out Haman's name with the sound of your gragger. Please be very quiet once the Megilla reading has started again.

Who is this? MORDECHAI!

Who is this? ESTHER!


Who is this? QUEEN VASHTI!

Who is this? HAMAN - BOOOO!

"Shh!" Please be very quiet during the reading of the Megilla. Please refrain from reading the English captions out loud.
Please answer "Amen" to these blessings.
"It came to pass in the days of King Achashverosh..."
In the royal palace of Shushan, King Achashverosh makes a great feast. At the same time, Queen Vashti makes a feast for the women.
Achashverosh calls Vashti to come and show off her beauty in front of all his guests.
< Vashti refuses to come.
The king is furious, Good bye, Vashti!
Achashverosh holds a contest to find a new queen. Esther, the niece of the Jewish leader, Mordechai, is forced to take part.
But who is she? What nation and religion does she come from? Nobody knows, and Esther won't tell.
Esther becomes Queen of the Empire.
In the palace, Esther secretly eats only kosher food and keeps Shabbat! Bigthan and Teresh two of the king's officers plan to poison King Achashverosh.
Mordechai overhears their wicked plot.
Mordechai tells Esther, Esther warns the king, and the king writes down in his royal diary that Mordechai saved his life!
Haman becomes a very important advisor to the king. By royal decree: "Everyone must bow down before Haman!"
Only Mordechai the Jew refuses to bow.
Haman decides to take revenge on all the Jews. "The Jews are enemies of the State!" he complains to the king.
The king gives Haman the power to destroy all the Jews.
Haman casts lots, called 'PUR', to set a date for taking revenge on the Jewish People.
The day is the 13th - the month is Adar. A message is sent to all 127 countries in Achashverosh's kingdom: Wipe out all the Jews!"
Mordechai learns of Haman's plot. He goes to the palace, wearing sackcloth and ashes as a sign of mourning.
Mordechai and all the Jews fast and cry out to Hashem to save them from Haman's evil plan.
Mordechai searches for a heavenly sign. He asks three children "What did you learn today?" They answer, "We learned that Hashem will always protect the Jews, and the plans of their enemies will be ruined!"
Mordechai gathers 22,000 children around him, learning Torah with them and praying to Hashem to have mercy on His people.
Esther is afraid to go to the hot-tempered King Achashverosh without being invited. Mordechai encourages her to go and plead for her people. Esther puts her life in danger and appears before the king.
Although he has not sent for her, Achashverosh is happy to see Queen Esther.
"What is your wish?" asks the king. Esther invites Haman and the king to join her for a feast.
At the feast, Achashverosh asks again, "What is your wish, Queen Esther?" Esther lays a trap for Haman. She invites Haman and the king to another feast the next day.
That night, the king cannot sleep. He orders a servant to read from the royal diary.
The diary recounts how Mordechai saved the king's life.
"What has been done to reward the man?"
"Nothing, sire," says the servant.
Haman arrives in the palace to plot more evil against Mordechai.
The king asks Haman, "What should be done to someone the king wishes to honor?"
Haman is sure the king would like to honor him. Haman thinks of a splendid reward.
"Hurry," says the king, "and give the splendid reward to Mordechai the Jew."
As Haman described, Mordechai wears the royal robes, and rides the king's best horse. Haman leads him through the streets of Shushan, calling... "Thus does the king do to the one he wishes to honor."
Later, at Esther's second feast, the king asks Esther once again, "What is your wish?" Esther replies, "Please save my life and the lives of my people!"
The king asks furiously, "Who would dare to hurt you?"
Esther cries out, "This man -- the wicked Haman!"
The King orders Haman removed from the palace.
Mordechai is appointed prime minister of the Empire.
A new decree is sent out all over the kingdom to override the decree of Haman.
On the 13th of Adar, the Jews fight against the Hamanites and win.
Mordechai records these events in the Megilla. Esther decrees that the reading of the Megilla be made a Mitzvah forever.
The four Mitzvos of Purim are:
Hearing the Megilah.
Sending a gift of at least two foods to at least one friend.
Giving charity to at least two or more people. Eating a festive meal.
The rose of Yaakov, thrilled with joy and exulted when they beheld Mordechai garbed in royal blue.
You always have been their salvation, their hope in every generation, to make known that all who place their hope in You shall not be put to shame, nor shall all those who trust in You be disgraced forever.
Cursed be Haman who sought to destroy me; blessed be Mordechai the Jew.
Cursed be Zeresh the wife of Haman who terrified me: Cursed be the wicked; blessed all the righteous;and may Charvonah also be remembered favorably.
Shortly after these events, Esther's son, King Darius, gave permission for the Jews to return to the Land of Israel and rebuild the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) in Jerusalem.
May the Miracle of Purim be re-enacted in all of our lives... with the imminent arrival of Moshiach and a better world of all humankind.

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