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Over 30 hours of material...
From: http://www.613.org/purim.html

Hear over a dozen speakers say 30 plus classes on the meanings of Purim. These speeches were said on 4 continents. Europe, America , Africa and Asia and all over the U.S.A.
California, New York, Georgia and New York.

Thanking Hashem for his kindness, we offer these audio classes:
All these sounds are in "Real Audio" sound format. You will need free real audio software to listen. Number in parenthesis is number of minutes in classor story.
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Purim and Jokes

Megila Esther Reading in Hebrew for 14k modems (78) by Cantor Rabinovicz. Another Internet First!!

 or download the whole Megila ( right click link and select "save target as"

SEE PICTURES from Purim 5759 in Riverdale, New York

A Child's Pain ( Purim - Tesaveh) by Rav Moshe Weinberger (74) || d

See www.aishkodesh.org for more information about Rav Weinberger

Purim and Jewish Unity - The Purim of Jerusalem by Rav Reichman  ||  d

Jerusalem is the center of Jewish Unity! given on March 16 , 2000


Purim and Adam's Sin: The Connection by Rabbi Tatz ||  Direct Download    Class from South Africa

Purim - Secrets, Knowledge, and Wine by Rabbi Tatz ||  direct download

Feasts and Fasts Yom Kippur and Purim by Shira Smiles given in Los Angeles in Feb. 1999

The Message of Purim (58 minutes) Video Or Audio

by Shira Smiles given on March 4 , 1998 to an overflow crowd of over 40 women in Los Angeles! download directory

Purim Table Talk of a Rabbi and a Father of girl who was in Tel Aviv during the March 1996 bombing (11) A call to make Purim happen Again! by Rabbi Citron ||  d

Purim ( 85) , by Rabbi Sauer the Rosh Kollel at Yeshiva of Los Angeles. d

Excellent Class !

Purim (54) , by Rabbi Isaac Bernstein. d

Purim Thoughts of a Woman (40)  by Shira Smiles d

Purim Thought (54) ( advanced -requires some Hebrew) by Rabbi Grossman d

Megilah  Thoughts (62) ( advanced -requires some Hebrew) by Rabbi Grossman d

IN HEBREW - Why was Esther Silent (64) by Rabbi Sofer taped and uploaded by Abe

This is a class given at Ohr Chaya - woman's seminary in Israel by a recognized Rabbi in Chabad circles.

Two Joke Links

The Real Purim Story (6) brought to you by Torah from Dixie

This is Purim Torah ( not serious) and to be taken in the spirit of the holiday .

This is a record of a phone call from The Golem (3) received by Simcha Streltsov of Boston.

This is a Purim clip ( not serious) and to be taken in the spirit of the holiday . 

Purim and Megilas Ester -- 1969 speech by Rav Yoseph Soloveitick 90 minutes ||

    Sound is really good . Rav talks about how Megillat Esther came to be part of the Kitvei HaKodesh.
There are 2 interesting stories, one of what Rav Chaim told his son Rav Moshe (the Rav's father) when the latter left Brisk to become a rav in another town; and the other of the kadosh "Reb Man" of Vilna. Thnaks to E. D. from Bet Shemesh , Israel who wrote this summary . Write us with your own summary.

Megilas Esther - An English Reading ( geared for Children and young at heart ) (40)by Rabbi Reichman of Yeshiva University

Insight into the Megilas Esther by Rav Yoseph Soloveitick spoken by Rabbi Reichman (43)

Put God into your Megila - Yeshiva University Musar Series (67), Given at Yeshiva University on March 3,1996 . d  by Rabbi Aharon Kahn

Should the Yeshiva have a Purim Party after the bombing in Tel Aviv ( march 1996 -5756)? - Excellent Moving Class - a Classic

Law of Purim and Tanis Esther by Rabbi Schachter

Seduas Purim - Why do we eat a Meal on Purim by Rabbi Rominek d

Advanced Class - Amazing. The Class gave us a Chill , it was so good. Sound is a little low.

Book of Esther by Rabbi Weissman of Torah from Dixie 8 Classes

1 Chapter 1 || 2 Chapter 2 ||  3 Chapter 3 ||  4 ||  5 Chapter 6 || 6 Chapter 8 || 7 Chapter 9 || 8 Chapter 9-Verse 21

Insight into the Megilas Esther by Rav Yoseph Soloveitick Side 1 (56)

Sound Quality is Rough

Insight into the Megilas Esther by Rav Yoseph Soloveitick Side 2 (59)

Sound Quality is Rough

Noach's Intoxication (Part Two of a Ten Part Series on Book of Esther) (53), by Rabbi Dr. N. Cardozo.

The Lost Paradise (Part One of a Ten Part Series on Book of Esther) (68), by Rabbi Dr. N. Cardozo.

Purim: Three Bytes of Torah (33) by Rabbi H. Reichman of the Torah Study Foundation

Purim: Revolutions and Revelations (57) by Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein.Given at the Yeshiva of Los Angeles, Spring '94

In Search of Adam's Clothes (Purim Class ) (63), by Rabbi Aron Tendler. Given at the Yeshiva of LosAngeles.

Megilat Esther - A New Look by Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom on March 4 , 1998 Audio


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